A2 Beta Casein Nasal Swab Test

Product benefits

  • Fast Turnaround (5 days)
  • Great Price $19.90 + GST (+25 animals)
  • Recognised and approved test (Fonterra and the A2 Milk Company approved)

If you only require the A2 Beta Casein status of a group of animals, not the full DNA Profile and Parentage, the Nasal Swab test may suit you. Simply order the number of tests you require with your CRV Ambreed Field Consultant, take the swabs as below, and we will email you the results within 5 days of the lab receiving the samples.

The test analyses the DNA taken from the nasal swab sample for Beta Casein type (A1 or A2 type), and is carried out by Analytica Laboratories Ltd.


The nasal swab sampling method is recommended for testing youngstock or small groups of mature animals, due to ease and safety.

We also offer a Milk Test for A2 Beta Casein status  should you require results for a large group of milking animals.


You will receive a report of the results via email, 5 days from the time the lab received the samples. InSight clients will have the results for each animal uploaded to InSight.


Results are only for Beta Casein A2 status, this is not a full DNA test.


Contact your CRV Ambreed Field consultant for further information.


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