CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors with Breeding Patch

Product benefits

  • Know when its time to breed with the Breeding Patch
  • Easy to use, self-adhesive
  • Stays in place in rain, snow or heat


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Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination (AI). CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors provide the most accurate way to detect a cow on heat.

They are a 11cm x 4.5cm rectangular patch that sticks onto the cow’s rump. With each mount, the surface of the breeding patch will gradually turn from black to a bright colour alerting the farmer she is ready for insemination.

Use CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors to help teach farm staff to identify when a cow is on heat.



Mounting Activity 2-3-4 means the animal is ready to mate

  • Only one patch per cycle is required compared with alternative tail paints and paint sticks, which must be applied or touched up regularly.
  • While other detectors are activated by one mount (sometimes for as little as three seconds) CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors work gradually exposing the indicator colour, giving you more accurate results.
  • With the new Breeding Patch it’s very simple to use. Once the patch is 50% rubbed it’s time to breed.


This graph from the University of Missouri showed that cows with 50% or more of the ESTROTECT Breeding Indicator rub-off surface removed were significantly more likely to be pregnant after artificial insemination.

Read more on ESTROTECT’s proven performance here


1. Warm

Heat activates the adhesive. Store at or above human body temperature (37ºC) when about to apply.

2. Site 

An ideal location for placement is between hip and tail head, perpendicular to the spine.

3. Brush 

Brush with the grain of the hair to remove dirt, dust and shedding or moulting hair. It’s recommended to only use the ESTROTECT Rubber Brush.

4. Clean 

Clean the area with an ESTROTECT Cleaning Cloth to completely remove any remaining dirt, dust or sand.

5. Apply 

Place detector across spine of cow, press down firmly and rub into hair with bare fingers.


Colours available are: Fushia, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green



Dairy farmer Jeffrey Price has been using CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors for the last two mating seasons. He currently milks over 400 cows on his family’s farm in Thames and says they are quick and easy to use.   “Some farmers worry that the patch might come off when the cows are mounted, but they don’t. They stay on the cow and do the job without fuss or mess. In Spring last year, I tried tail paint and CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors together to see what would respond and what wouldn’t. Estrotects went off first allowing us to mate the cows at the start of their cycle, giving the insemination the best chance of success.” said Mr Price.
 I don’t touch paint anymore.”

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