Herd Testing

Product benefits

Herd Testing
  • A technician is provided as part of the service
  • Volumes are recorded on-farm
  • Flexible date scheduling

Gain an overall picture of your herds production

Herd testing is a valuable way of identifying the high and low performers in your herd. For individual cows, herd testing can recognise low and high producers, mastitis risk, pregnancy status, and milk urea breeding values.

CRV’s myHERD Testing provides accurate milk quality results based on real milk volumes measured on farm. Having the same Herd Tester at each test not only makes the task easier, it makes it a better experience.


What’s on offer?

  • Quick results: Same-day production report available*.
  • Every test is attended by a CRV herd test technician.
  • Technician takes care of all aspects of the herd testing, including all set-up, recording and sampling.
  • Variety of test options to suit your needs.

How CRV Herd Testing works

You will be sent a letter to notify you of the proposed Herd Test dates for the coming season, along with details of your technician.

Fully-trained CRV herd testing technicians attend every herd test to set up meters, record volumes and take samples, which ensures the accuracy of data collected. As an added service a raw volume report will be provided (providing herd records are up to date, CRV is the recording provider and during business hours only).

For larger sheds/herds, an additional herd tester may be required. This depends on size and shed flow/system, but generally 26-28 cups is the maximum for one herd tester.


What’s different about the CRV myHERD Testing service?

We provide a trained Herd Tester at all Herd Tests, as part of the shed visit fee. The tester will set up the ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) approved meters, record volumes & take samples, all at the time of milking, which ensures accuracy of the data collected.

Small samples of 30mls are taken, which means more milk in the vat & more room in the dairy.

A same day production report is emailed to the farmer (*providing they are a CRV recording client & records are up to date and during business hours only).

For larger sheds (26 cups upwards), an extra assist maybe required, the assist can be provided by CRV or by the farmer, this will all depend on the routine in the shed.

Understand your environmental impact, receive a per cow MUN BV. (Milk Urea Nitrogen). Only available for those who record with myHERD.

Flexibility around dates & timing.

Tests Available

A2 Testing

A2 Testing is available as bulk milk test or individual cow test.


BVD & Johne’s

BVD and Johne’s are provided in collaboration with Disease Research LTD (DRL), we offer a comprehensive level of testing, from an initial status at herd level (bulk), to individual cow testing.

DRL is the southern hemisphere’s only USDA – accredited Johne’s testing laboratory for the milk & serum ELISA – to identify all diseased and infected animals, and quantitative PCR – to distinguish one from the other, to support informed culling.


Pregnancy Test

The test detects Pregnancy Associated Glyoproteins (PAGs) that are only produced by the placenta. Because PAGs are produced throughout the whole pregnancy, they are a reliable pregnancy marker. After calving it takes time for the PAGs to decline, so testing should not be carried out within 60 days of calving. It also takes time for PAGs to rise, so you need to wait to pregnancy test until 28 days after mating. Find out more

Somatic cell count (SCC)

SCC test identifies cows with sub-clinical mastitis. A SCC test can be performed over the whole herd or selected cows at either morning or afternoon milkings. No volumes are recorded. Results will be received within 48 hours.

Testing Options

Full herd test

A full herd test is carried our during afternoon and morning milkings within a 24-hour period. All cows in-milk must be tested and must be fully identified and recorded.

Contemporary group test

This allows you to herd test all lactating animals within a contemporary group, for example a group of cows of similar age and season of calving that are managed in the same herd.


Variable Hours

Once-a-day test

This option is for herds that are being milked once in a 24-hour period. This is a popular option at the end of the season.

Test day model (single sample herd test)

This is a single-sample option for a herd milking twice-a-day. The herd is tested at either the morning or afternoon milking and the sample is then calculated into a 24-hour test result.

16 Hour Milking

This option is for herds milking three times in a 48-hour period. A single sample is taken and a standard formula is then applied to convert the 16-hour milking into a 24-hour result.


Herd Test Pricing

Full herd test prices can be found in our  2021 price list



Herd Testing CRV“We are always keen to find ways to improve, so we asked the farm owner if they would mind us shifting to CRV Ambreed as our herd test provider. They agreed and it’s been the best thing we have done,”   Phil Smith

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