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With the introduction of NAIT and the new regulations around tagging animals, CRV Ambreed has a wide range of official NAIT electronic tag options and management tag options all supplied with participant (PTPT) codes, simplifying the recording of the tag numbers. Choose from either Allflex or ZeeTags.

Tagging regulations

  • Any purchased cattle should have a ‘primary’ NAIT approved RFID tag AND an official ‘secondary’ tag.
  • Farmers will need to record any off-farm cattle movements with NAIT, unless they are to a NAIT accredited meat processor or a NAIT-accredited sale yard.
  • Cattle arriving onto or being born (except bobby calves) on the farmer’s property require a primary RFID ear tag and secondary tag. All off-farm cattle movements are recorded with NAIT, unless to a NAIT-accredited meat processor or sale yard.

Bobby calves

Under the NAIT scheme, bobby calves are classed as less than 30-days-old and going direct to slaughter. Bobby calves are not included in the NAIT scheme as they are considered a low biosecurity risk. Simply tag a bobby calf with an ear tag issued by your meat processor. You are not required to use a RFID ear tag for bobby calves and you do not need to record a bobby calf’s movement with NAIT.

Click here to learn how to register ear tags in NAIT system.

Refer to CRV Ambreed’s catalogue for a full price list of all ear tags or contact CRV Ambreed on 0800 262 733.

New ‘Angus X Dairy’ green ear tags for dairy stock easily identifies the genuine Angus dairy cross cattle.

Calves out of a dairy cow must be sired by a registered or Performance Recorded Angus Cattle bull to be tagged (must be 50% Angus).

Dairy farmers will receive the premiums they deserve for higher value offspring and calf buyers will have certainty around what they are purchasing.
The bright green tags recognise the premium quality of the offspring, enabling the dairy farmer to attract higher premiums at point of the sale, and also further down the supply chain.

The Angus X Dairy Allfex tags are fully compliant with NAIT regulations and can be purchased exclusively through CRV Ambreed. They are compatible with all dairy and beef operations and are endorsed by Angus New Zealand.

Read more about Angus X tags

Accurate calving records,made easy; Gene Mapping’s as simple as applying an eartag.

Creating calving records with ease is one benefit of DNA testing. Gene Mapping identifies the sire and dam as well as the A2 type beta casein status.
The Gene Mapping service uses a new Allflex Birth Tag which takes the sample at the same time as applying the ear tag. Also available in a button tag format for the herd.
This provides many wins – it’s less invasive for the animal, faster for the farmer with only one action required, and provides a visual marker to confirm the animal has a DNA profile. Most importantly, the Allflex tag
system leaves no room for error. You’ll have 100% confidence that the results correctly link the sample to each animal.

Visit the DNA Parentage Testing Page

Purchase 30 or more Allflex EID tags with us and receive either a pair of CRV socks or an Allflex LED beanie.

Contact your local rep to place an order.

Terms and Conditions: Only 1 per PPT code. Tags need to be purchased between 15th July and 1st September 2020. Includes all NAIT tags including calf packs.


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