Facial Eczema Tolerant Genetics

Product benefits

  • Greater tolerance against Facial Eczema
  • Healthier cows
  • Improved production

Genetic tolerance off†ers the best protection against Facial Eczema (FE).

Using CRV Ambreed’s FE tolerant sires in your breeding programme is an environmentally friendly and safe way to help increase your herd’s tolerance to FE challenges, resulting in healthier cows and improved production.

FE costs the New Zealand dairy industry over $100 million a year in lost production, treatment costs and animal loss*, and the problem in New Zealand is worsening. AgResearch scientists have shown that the average New Zealand cow today is more susceptible to FE than her counterpart was 25 years ago.

Cows resulting from our FE tolerant sires will typically have:

  • Improved tolerance to FE spores
  • Improved production

Read more about increasing Facial Eczema Tolerance in your dairy herd.

*Sourced from www.AgResearch.co.nz as at Feb 2015

  • Available in Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey
  • Daughter proven and genomically-selected InSires
  • It is a frozen semen product that requires storage in liquid nitrogen until use


  • Pack prices as per the catalogue Nominated Bull Pack pricing.
  • Individual bull pricing varies

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