Facial Eczema Tolerant Genetics

Product benefits

  • Greater tolerance against Facial Eczema
  • Healthier cows
  • Improved production

Genetic tolerance offers the best protection against Facial Eczema (FE).

The daughters of our FE-tolerant bulls are 25-30% less reactive to a facial eczema challenge than the average cow.

According to a recent study led by Veterinary Enterprises Group (VetEnt) Research, facial eczema could be costing dairy farmers more than $100,000 a year in lost milk production. Not only is the disease costly in dollar terms, but it is also devastating for animal health.

Exclusively from CRV, FE-tolerant sires used in your breeding programme are an environmentally-friendly and safe way to help increase your herd’s tolerance to FE challenges, resulting in healthier cows and improved production.

Cows resulting from our FE tolerant sires will typically have:

  • Improved tolerance to FE spores
  • Improved production

*Sourced from www.AgResearch.co.nz as at Feb 2015

View our FE Tolerant Sires in our current catalogue

  • Available in Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey
  • Daughter proven and genomically-selected InSires
  • It is a frozen semen product that requires storage in liquid nitrogen until use


  • Pack prices as per the catalogue Nominated Bull Pack pricing.
  • Individual bull pricing varies

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