Global Genetics

Product benefits

  • Greater genetic diversity
  • Greater production
  • Access to unique dairy breeds

Do you wish to achieve greater production, achieve greater genetic diversity, or you want to breed a larger animal? Our global experience combined with our local knowledge of grazing systems, will help you select the right overseas genetics to support your herd improvement goals.

CRV Ambreed has the following breeds available in it’s global products portfolio:

  • Holstein Friesian (USA and Netherlands)
  • Jersey (USA, Australia and Denmark)
  • Finnish Ayrshire
  • Swedish Red
  • MRI (Netherlands)
  • Montebeliard (Germany)
  • Aussie Red
  • Overseas genetics includes daughter proven and genomically-selected InSire bulls
  • It is a frozen semen product that requires storage in liquid nitrogen until use
  • Genetics are sourced from:
    • Australia
    • Netherlands
    • USA
    • Germany
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Sweden
  • Available in the following breeds:
    • Holstein Friesian
    • Jersey
    • Finnish Ayrshire
    • Swedish Red
    • MRI
    • Montbeliard
    • Aussie Red
    • Brown Swiss

  • Available at Flexipak pricing ranging from $14.20 – $40.00 per dose +GST depending on the bulls included
  • Individual bull pricing available on request.

Cameron-Shephard_testimonials “We’re using two thirds New Zealand genetics and one third Dutch genetics to get a bit of variation in the blood lines.”Cameron Shepard

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