Product benefits

  • Fully online
  • Makes your recording easier
  • Offers in-depth, accessible information to help manage your herd

CRV Insight Web is an online herd recording programme that helps you to turn data into effective on-farm decisions. CRV Insight Web is a comprehensive programme that offers you all of the important information about your herd at the click of a mouse.  It’s completely secure and easy to navigate, and the best part is you can access information about your herd anytime, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you have greater flexibility to make important management decisions at the right time.

An overview of CRV Insight Web  Once you have logged into CRV Insight Web, an interactive dashboard will be displayed. It contains a series of graphs about your herd showing trends and data updates, and it can easily be customised depending on what information you want access to at any given time.

Animal data An animal data option provides a snapshot of information about your individual cows. You can view all of an animal’s details, for example when it was born, its weight, matings, calvings, lactations, tests and other events.

Data entry By selecting the data entry menu, you can enter and record mating details for one animal or multiple animals. Entering records for all common events amongst your herd is very simple.

Herd info When you click on herd info, you get access to a huge amount of information via reports and summaries about your herd. For example, you can change the order of information, sort information using column headers and create filters for your lists.

Sharing information One of the great things about CRV Insight Web is that you can invite others to look at particular information about your herd. For example, you may wish to share a report about your herd with one of your partners or a consultant. It’s easy – just send an invitation to that person and they get access to your reports as well.

CRV INSIGHT Web is easy to use, provides an excellent range of information and you get personalised support to use the programme via your local field consultant.

CRV Insight is available for an annual fee. See Herd Recording for pricing information.

CRV Insight - Web is easy to navigate. It is great to find all information on my cows with just a few clicks.
  Grant & Janet Knight - Otorohanga

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