Mastitis Focus Report

Product benefits

  • Compare mastitis to recommended industry standards
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Supports you to manage mastitis in your herd

The mastitis focus report will help you to identify key mastitis trends in your herd.

The report, developed by DairyNZ and offered through CRV Inisght Web, summarises the udder health of the herd over a 12-month period. It uses data routinely collected on the farm through herd tests and the recording of dry cow treatments and clinical case details.

The report will show you which key management areas you need to focus on by illustrating where you currently sit compared to recommended industry standards around:

  • Your calving system
  • Clinical mastitis
  • Spread of infection
  • The effectiveness of previous dry-off strategies
  • Culling to control mastitis

With this in mind, do you know how the current mastitis status of your herd compares to industry standards? And more specifically, which key management areas you need to address to reduce mastitis?

The mastitis focus report gives you the right information to keep mastitis in your herd under control.

What to do before you get set up?
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The mastitis focus report is available for CRV recording clients at no extra charge.

"myHERD will give you comprehensive and easy-to-interpret reporting. Most importantly, the accuracy, security and ownership of your data is absolutely assured with myHERD. You will continue to have open access and transfer rights to all your historic data, which puts you in control, now and forever" Andrew Singers  IM/IT Manager CRV Ambreed    

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Mastitis Focus Report