Nominated Genetics

Product benefits

  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Greater choice
  • Know what to expect

  • Are you looking for specific traits?
  • Do your cows have individual needs?
  • Would you like to try a different cross-breeding strategy?
  • Do you need cows that will fit your environment?
  • Do you want to change breeds?

If you answered yes to any of the above then nominated genetics is the right choice for you.

Nominated genetics gives you unlimited choice from our best sires to meet your individual goals for your herd.

Choose from our daughter proven sires and genomically selected InSires tailored to suit a range of environments and farming systems.

Purchase at least four domestic or overseas sires as a package to ensure you achieve top value.

CRV Ambreed has:

  • A diverse range of premium bulls
  • The right people to help you make effective breeding decisions
  • SireMatch to make the best bull choices per cow
  • Better Life indexes for different breeds
  • Available in Friesian, Crossbred, Jersey and Ayrshire
  • Daughter proven, genomically- selected InSires and overseas sires
  • It is a frozen semen product that requires storage in liquid nitrogen until use
  100-250 251-500 501-750 751-1000 1001-1500 1501-2000 2000+
4 bulls $20.40 $19.90 $19.35 $18.80 $18.30 $17.20 $16.70
5 bulls $19.35 $18.80 $18.30 $17.80 $17.20 $16.20 $15.70
6 bulls + $17.70 $17.20 $16.70 $16.20 $15.70 $14.70 $14.45

  • Available at Flexipak prices which range from $14.65 – $20.60+ GST per straw depending on the bulls included
  • Individual bull pricing ranges from $19.00 – $40.00+ GST per straw depending on the bull
  • Pack together four, five or six bulls for price breaks

“Every year we try to do better and get better production. Ultimately, we’re trying to get to 600 [milk solids on average per cow per year] and the only way to do that is to breed cows that have got the capacity and ability to do that.” - Phonse Carroll  

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