Once-A-Day Genetics

Product benefits

  • Higher milk production
  • Improved protein, udder and somatics
  • Improved longevity

The demands placed on a cow in the Once-A-Day (OAD) milking system vary to the more traditional twice daily system. Our OAD genetics are selected to support those demands.

CRV Ambreed focuses on protein, somatic cells and udder support traits to help increase production and feed efficiency, increase the overall longevity of your herd, breed cows with a great udder and low somatic cells, and lower
your replacement rates.

The CRV Once-A-Day index ranks the sires on their suitability to be used as part of a OAD system. The higher the index, the more suitable they are.

  • Available in Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey
  • Daughter proven and genomically-selected InSires and overseas genetics
  • It is a frozen semen product that requires storage in liquid nitrogen until use

Alan_Baird_testimonial "With CRV Ambreed sires, I find you get longevity. They’re animals that hold in there. We have 17-18 year old cows in this herd quite constantly. So you get a lot of mature stock and they still look young. The udders hold up strongly." - Alan Baird

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