Product benefits

Polled Cow
  • Save time and expense of disbudding
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Less stress on calf

Breeding for polled calves

CRV offers a team of local and overseas homozygous polled bulls for both dairy and beef.

CRV Ambreed now offers a team of local and overseas homozygous polled bulls. Homozygous (PP) polled bulls guarantee the birth of polled calves, meaning the progeny of the polled bulls will not need disbudding. This saves time and expense, and improves animal welfare with less stress on the calf.

Polled genetics explained

“When the bull has two copies of the polled gene (ie homozygous), you are guaranteed the bull’s progeny will all be polled as all get one copy of the poll gene. Conversely, bulls with only one copy of the polled gene are referred to as heterozygous (P) and their progeny only has a 50% chance of being polled.” Phil Beatson, CRV R&D Manager


Polled photo taken by Brad Hanson

“We have been developing our hornless or ‘polled’ product line for more than 10 years to make life easier for farmers and their animals. Keeping staff safe is also a top priority, with the added bonus of eliminating the time and financial cost of disbudding calves.”   Peter van Elzakker, Product Development Manager

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