Progeny Test

Product benefits

  • First access to tomorrow's elite genetics
  • The flexibility to nominate a percentage of your herd to bulls you choose
  • Generous financial rewards for heifers meeting our eligibility criteria

By taking part in CRV’s progeny test programme you can develop and enhance your herd using tomorrow’s elite genetics today.

New Zealand dairy farmers have been working with CRV for over 30 years to develop generations of daughter proven sires. The elite Holstein Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey bull calves selected for CRV’s progeny test programme ultimately ensure dairy farmers’ herds are competitive and continue to be more productive and more profitable in the future.

The Progeny Test programme runs for four years, from mating to the daughter entering the milking herd as a two-year old heifer.

CRV invites you to be part of a select group of farmers who are helping develop the next generation of elite dairy sires.



  • Jump the queue, get the genetic gain earlier
  • Free use of SireMatch for insight into your herd
  • Elite young bulls at a fantastic price
  • World-class genomic selection

How does it work?

The Progeny Test programme begins with mating through to the daughter completing her first lactation as a two-year old heifer. It’s a long term commitment – it will be nearly four years between buying the straw and finishing the contract, and there are some great rewards.

To protect the integrity and credibility of CRV’s Progeny Test programme, there is set criteria you must follow to meet the contract obligations.


Year 1 – MATE

Commit your herd to Progeny Test semen, you choose the breed.

Year 2 – CALVE

Record all calvings and ID tag calves. Heifer calves become the Progeny Test heifers that will have records collected. Maintaining excellent herd records is important.


Progeny Test heifers are mated at 15 months.


Herd Testing and data collection begins when the Progeny Test animals enter the milking herd.


Requirements to Progeny Test

To protect the integrity and credibility of CRV’s progeny test programme, there is a set criteria to be eligible. We can assess if your herd is eligible based on information you provide about your herd and farm management system.


All progeny test farmers must herd record using myHERD, CRV Insight or Minda to get data into the national dairy core database.


You must herd test four times per year from year four onwards (once the two-year-olds enter the milking herd) on an a.m/p.m method. This provides CRV with the daughter testing information required to validate the performance of the young bulls and assess if their merit is high enough to graduate and be marketed in the sires catalogue.


All matings must take place in Spring for data collection and evaluation purposes.

You must also mate a minimum of 60-90% of your herd to our progeny test bulls (dependent on herd size)

Bring in 20% of your milking herd as two-year-old replacements


CRV contracts to JerseyNZ and the New Zealand Holstein Friesian Association to collect traits other than production (TOP) information.  Farmers are required to draft two-year-old heifers out of the milking herd for TOP inspection, a one-off event that is arranged by the breeding association. In addition, farmers are required to score heifers for milking-related traits as they calve down.

Rewards available


  • A package of Progeny Test bulls is selected for you with more certainty than ever before. There is flexibility to nominate a percentage of your herd with proven bulls of your choice.
  • Choice of Jersey, Friesian and Crossbred


  • Progeny Test young bulls are a fantastic, unbeatable price
  • Free use of SireMatch, a powerful breeding support report, for more information and insight into the genetic performance and capabilities of your herd.


  • Financial rebate per milking heifer
  • Extra information on your animals, for example weights and T.O.P scores, is provided to you free of charge
  • Opportunity for your best heifers to be featured in our Dairy Sires Catalogue
  • Jump the queue, get the genetic gain earlier. By the time farmers can purchase proven genetics for the latest bull, you are already milking the benefits.


  • Our genomic selection methods are world-class and world proven. We combine CRV’s global resources, expertise and world leading technology with our own local knowledge and experience. This allows us to source, test and select the very best genetics for NZ systems. This all means, progeny test farmers get better genetics with more certainty than ever before.
  • CRV typically has over 100 bulls, Jersey, Friesian and Crossbred each year awaiting their daughter proofs. Some of these bulls are available in CRV’s catalogue as “InSires”.
  • A Progeny Test young bull is genomically selected, demonstrating a high level of promise and genetic merit through their ancestry, DNA information and inspection of their dam.


For more information about CRV’s progeny test programme, or to find out how you can become part of this selected group, contact your local sales consultant or phone 0800 262 733.


Ben and Melissa Lilley - CRV Progeny Test Clients

“The Progeny Test Programme gives us the flexibility to continue with breeding goals within our herd, while keeping costs well controlled”

Ben and Melissa Lilley – Millydale Pastures Ltd, Canterbury. PT clients since 2016.

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