CRV Sexed Semen

Product benefits

  • Speed up genetic gain – even faster when used on heifers
  • Available in Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey
  • Select from some of CRV’s top sires and InSires

Increase the number of heifers generated through your yearly mating programme

For herds with good fertility management, using sexed semen from the very best proven bull sires is the best way to get ahead. With CRV sexed semen you can increase the number of heifers generated through your yearly mating programme. CRV sexed semen goes through a sorting process where more than 90% of the sperm cells in the straw carry the female ‘X’
chromosome and only less than 10% of the sperm carry the male ‘Y’ chromosome*. This ratio carries through to produce on average 90% heifers from the doses of sexed semen used on the farm.

Conception rates with frozen sexed semen are around 10-15% lower than non-sexed semen. Using the correct semen handling and the right selection of animals on heat will help you get the best possible results using the CRV sexed semen product.

* As outlined in the quality control threshold as provided by Sexing Technologies in their sorting labs.

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