SireMatch makes life easier

Product benefits

  • Prevents inbreeding and genetic defects
  • Best bull choices per cow
  • Practical reports
  • Integration with the PortaBULL App

SireMatch is a powerful breeding support product to get the most out of your herd.

SireMatch is a paper report that can be specifically tailored to your herd and farming situation by CRV’s experienced consultants.  It helps to prevent inbreeding and genetic defects using your cow’s pedigree information. It also has the ability to advise you on the three best bulls to use per cow, based on your preferences.

SireMatch analyses the breed make-up of your herd and is able to sort the breed information of your cows into separate groups. As a result, you can mate specific bulls to specific breeds of cows in your herd, for example:

  • Your group of Friesian cows to Jersey bulls
  • Your group of Jersey cows to Friesian bulls
  • Your group of Crossbred cows to both Jersey, Friesian and Crossbred bulls

SireMatch helps you to produce the very best herd for your farming operation. It also integrates with the PortaBULL App, giving you the option to use the information on your mobile device.

Prevent inbreeding & genetic defects

The risk of inbreeding is countered with SireMatch. It will prevent the inbreeding of your cows and exclude matings that will pass on genetic defects like BLAD, CVM and the Small Calf Syndrome – helping you to breed a healthy and efficient herd.

The best breeding choices for your herd

Use predefined breeding goals for farming operations in New Zealand or develop your own breeding goals with the help of your local CRV consultant. Using the bulls you’ve chosen, SireMatch will seek out the best sire-cow combination to correct the weakness of the animals to give you the best possible herd suited to your breeding goals.

Quality information

The SireMatch paper reports are very easy to read and provide you with useful information in the middle of the breeding season. SireMatch also gives you the best breeding choice on an animal level and progress overview on a herd level. Your breeding decisions are easily made and you know exactly what kind of progress to expect.

SireMatch is available for CRV and non-CRV recording clients. Contact your local field consultant or CRV’s Head Office to take advantage of the benefits of SireMatch today.


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Dairy farmer Jeffrey Price has been using CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors for the last two mating seasons. He currently milks over 400 cows on his family’s farm in Thames and says they are quick and easy to use.   “Some farmers worry that the patch might come off when the cows are mounted, but they don’t. They stay on the cow and do the job without fuss or mess. In Spring last year, I tried tail paint and CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors together to see what would respond and what wouldn’t. Estrotects went off first allowing us to mate the cows at the start of their cycle, giving the insemination the best chance of success.” said Mr Price.
 I don’t touch paint anymore.”

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